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Saint Johns Middle School Athletic Association- proudly serving Saint Johns County since 2009

About Us

SJMSAA is an independent non-profit organization not operated or sponsored by the St. John’s county school district.  SJMSAA uses district middle school names andfacilities under a license agreement with the district. SJMSAA is solely responsible for the operation of the SJMSAA middle school sports programs and their individual teams. The organization’s mission is to promote community citizenship, good sportsmanship, and physical and mental development through healthy, organized competition and team work for 12-15 year old. The program is open to all middle school students and does not restrict membership due to race, religion, or gender.

SJMSAA currently oversees 10 middle schools and 7 different sports. The sports SJMSAA oversees are:football, baseball, softball, golf, tennis, cheer, and soccer. It is our vision to continue growing the program as the population of our community grows.